So Many Ways to Use an Online Music Class

So you want me to stare at a screen with my child…?

Nope, we want you to follow the online music class while playing with your child – what could be more fun?

Our online music classes are designed to meet the children where they are on the day, and give them the freedom to connect in a variety of ways. There are so many ways you can use the class, and our teachers are highly experienced and qualified to help you find the best approach for your child.

Your child may be more active, so they can put the rhythm into their bodies. They may be having a quiet day, so they can soak it up while having a snuggle on the couch. There is always so much to be learned by observing, you will be amazed to see what they have absorbed on those ‘quiet’ days. Or they may be having a day when they want to follow instructions beautifully – who knows?

Settling into a First Class

In our online music class this morning I had some new students who were spending the lesson discovering what a music class is like. They may not have been doing all the activities, but they were watching closely and settling into the program. It usually takes about three lessons to settle in, for some students it may take more or less time. And that’s totally fine, there isn’t a deadline. You just keep following your child’s cues, and being the home teacher.

Kids Full of Beans!

Another child was full of beans, so I suggested ways to adapt each activity so they could move their bodies – so many giggles and smiles, it was gorgeous to see!

But what about the young babies?

In the same online music class, we had a little 4-month-old baby who loved the first half of the class and was a bit sleepy towards the end. Mum did a beautiful job of following his cues by getting him ready for a nap while ‘staying in the Zoom room’, and the stories at the end of class were his bedtime stories. We sang goodnight to him at the end, and he went to sleep. It was a beautiful example of the many ways parents can use these classes however they and their child need on the day. Because Mum stayed in the room, she now has a bunch of new songs and activities to enjoy with her bub when he wakes up from his nap. Also, he was enveloped in a beautiful musical environment which is such an important part of the Suzuki educational approach. You can learn more about the Suzuki educational philosophy by clicking here and here.

No matter what kind of day they are having, you will be there, learning alongside them and seeing fresh ideas of things you can do at home across the week!

Interested in trying an online music class? Click here to book one of our flexible options, ranging from a Pioneers Express class for $10 to a full term enrolment.