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At Musical Adventures we devote our time to helping parents and their children experience truly joyful musical moments. Our vibrant program of online early learning music classes – led by passionate music professionals with teaching accreditations – have been designed to build kid’s confidence, nurture their creativity and help them tap into their individual spirit and artistry.

Our online baby, toddler or pre-schooler music class options include 20 minute express classes, 1 hour classes or full term enrolments.

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What you will get

  • Choose from 20 minute or 1 hours drop in classes or full term enrolments – all live streamed via Zoom and experienced from the comfort of your home.

  • Teachers who are qualified, professional music educators with a passion for Suzuki Early Childhood Music Education.

  • All teachers have a valid Working With Children Check.

  • A beautiful way for children to be introduced to the calm and joyful world of Musical Adventures.

What you will learn

  • The fundamentals of music (beat, pitch, rhythm).

  • Enhance their fine and gross motor skills.

  • Improve literacy, numeracy, teamwork, and so much more!

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Children learn so much more than music alone:

  • Taking turns
  • Sharing
  • Listening skills
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • And other life skills that support their early childhood development

Speech and Movement

Learning music and exploring our singing voices helps us practice elements of speech, such as ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘ma’, etc. As your little one is learning how to control their muscles to roll a ball, they are also learning how to control the muscles which control our singing and speaking voices.

Literacy & Numeracy

We all understand the benefits of developing literacy and numeracy in our little people from an early age, and music is a great way to make it engaging and fun. All our classes include elements of literacy and numeracy, and finishing the class by reading (or singing!) a story together is a great way to help books come to life, and give parents some ideas for quality children’s books and engaging story time.


We love watching children experience the meaningful joy of developing a skill. It is amazing to see them go from the point of not being to do something and being frustrated – to being able to do something and being joyful. It’s a powerful life lesson. We want our little people to turn into adults who stick with a difficult task until they can master it. For this the parent and child works effectively as a team, and learn together to reach the point of accomplishment of any new skill.

Peer Learning

Our classes include children from a wider age range (either 0 – 4 years of age, or 3 – 5 years of age), because we know how much they learn from each other. The older ones gain confidence through mastery of skills and take delight in demonstrating those skills for the little ones, they also develop their sensitivity by being around younger children. The younger ones are encouraged by seeing the older ones achieve, they are motivated and develop more quickly and securely in this ‘family style’ age grouping.

Brain Development

We are capitalising on a period of brain development when the young child is soaking up all the sounds around them. In the same way that they are memorising the sounds of their first language for a year or more before reproducing the words, they are also memorising the musical sounds. The brain approaches both the musical and language processes the same way, and uses the exact same parts of the brain. By strengthening one, we are strengthening the other as well.

What is the Suzuki Educational Philosophy?

Dr Shinichi Suzuki was a philosopher – as well as a violinist and educator. He observed the ways in which children learn their first language, and developed a successful approach to learning music which follows the same principles. He strove to teach the whole child through music, and to create happy, sensitive, high achieving people.

We follow this educational philosophy at Musical Adventures, and strongly believe that every child can achieve and develop musical skills. We celebrate every step, and create a calm, nurturing environment in which your child can learn best.

Dr Suzuki observed the way children learn their first language, and realised that every child learns how to speak their language to a very high standard in their own time. There isn’t a sense that ‘maybe English isn’t for my child, perhaps we’ll focus on Japanese instead’, we just accept that every child will get there in their own time. Parents and caregivers greet each attempt at speech with joy and encouragement, and there is lots and lots of repetition! You naturally provide a rich language environment for your child to hear thousands of words before they can say any, rather than introducing only one word at a time. We follow this concept, and provide a rich musical environment for your child by playing lots of different, beautiful, musical instruments and singing lots of songs each class.

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