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Sophie Maxwell answers some of your frequently asked questions.

Music Adventures classes are carefully planned to have a good mix of playing instruments, singing songs, creative dance and listening to stories. We work hard to provide a calm, joyful environment for your child as this is how they learn best.

We love what we do, and look forward to sharing it with you and your child!

If you are going to miss a class for any reason, please let us know in advance via email or phone. We aren’t able to provide a reduction in fees, but you are welcome to ‘make up’ the missed class by attending a class on a different day, if there is space (bookings are essential).  

We strongly believe that every child can achieve and develop musical skills, and this has been proved to us so many times through our teaching experience. In the same way that your child learns their first language, they are absorbing all the musical sounds around them months before before they are able to reproduce those sounds. When thinking about a child learning their first language there isn’t a sense that ‘maybe English isn’t for my child, perhaps we’ll focus on Japanese instead’, we just accept that every child will get there in their own time. Parents and caregivers greet each attempt at speech with joy and encouragement, and there is lots and lots of repetition! You naturally provide a rich language environment for your child to hear thousands of words before they can say any, rather than introducing only one word at a time. We follow this concept, and provide a rich musical environment for your child by playing lots of different, beautiful, musical instruments and singing lots of songs each class. We also ask that you play your CDs each day, as well as other music, so that you and your child can learn the core repertoire and join in the classes comfortably without feeling shy about the words. They will learn so much from this broad musical vocabulary, and you are the only person who can provide this rich home environment in which they can develop and learn.

The fee is $22 for a one hour Pioneers class (0-3 years), and $23.10 for a one hour Explorers or Explorers Plus class. The term fees depend on the length of the term. Each term is paid for in advance for planning and staffing purposes. We don’t offer casual classes, as changing students each class makes for an unsettled class, and we value a calm learning environment so your child can learn deeply. If you wish to start part way through the term, a pro-rata fee applies for the remaining weeks of that term.

Due to the switch online, we are now able to offer casual classes. If you would like to try a Musical Adventures class to see if it is a good fit for you and your little one, you can book a casual class by clicking here.

Most children will take some time to ‘warm up’ in the classes, and that is perfectly normal. Even if your child is listening and watching they can still be engaged, learning and participating in the class, so don’t worry that they don’t want to come to the teacher for a turn just yet. When your child is ready, they will express the desire to have a turn. They learn just as much by watching and listening as they do by having a turn themselves! If your child isn’t ready for a turn yet the teacher may offer them a ‘watching turn’ or invite the parent to have a turn. This can help the child to feel ready.

This is also completely normal! Each class follows a basic pattern of sitting activities, then moving, then sitting, then dancing, then sitting, etc. and you and your child will learn this pattern over the course of a term or so. Don’t worry, you are probably more aware of your child’s behaviour than anyone else in the class, so follow the gentle directions from your teacher. They will help you and your child to know when it’s ok to let them have a bit of a run, and when they should sit with you. Joining a new music class can be very exciting for a little child, so it’s normal for them to be excited or over-stimulated by all the new sounds and people!

Generally speaking, if they are both within the age range of the class then they can enrol in the same class (one enrolment per child). Some families find that one grown up to two children works fine, others can find it a bit full on and the experience is more enjoyable for everyone if each child has their own grown up. Please talk to your teacher, or contact us directly if you are unsure. We are always happy to talk things through and discuss different approaches, etc.

Yes we do! We love running classes on Public Holidays as it’s a great opportunity for your child’s other special people to join in a class. It means so much to the child to be able to share their music class with their special people, so please feel free to bring along a grandparent, parent, aunt or uncle!

Often we as adults are enjoying a learning opportunity perhaps at work, or listening to an engaging topic on the radio. While we may be engaged and enjoying learning these new things, we probably aren’t ecstatically grinning the whole time. Perhaps we have a look of concentration on our faces. This is the same for your child in the classes. For example, it takes a lot of concentration for them to co-ordinate their arm to keep the beat, their fingers to hold the wood block and mallet, and they might be trying to say the words at the same time. It is quite amazing to see how hard they are working to achieve this seemingly small task of keeping the beat and saying a rhyme! Also, we need to take into account different personality types. Some children will show us with their body language or the expression on their faces how excited and engaged they are, while others would prefer to be quieter and soak it all up until they are ready to try an activity themselves. All of this is perfectly normal, so it is totally fine for your child to look serious in these classes – it shows how much they are learning!

Students start in our ‘Pioneers’ class, which is perfect for 0 – 3 year olds. They can then graduate into our ‘Explorers’ class, which is developed for 2.5 – 5 year olds. As our students grow, so will our programs, and we look forward to offering programs for school-age children in the near future.

Your enrolment is for one, one-hour long class per week. This allows continuity of learning for your child, and provides a great routine. Our terms roughly follow the state school term dates but please check our calendar for details.

Absolutely! CDs are available through our online shop here. Creating a musical environment by playing the CDs each day at home is the best way for your child to develop their musical vocabulary, and for them to learn the music so they can more comfortably join in the classes.

Our classes include children from a wider age range (either ‘Pioneers’ 0 – 4 years of age, or ‘Explorers’ 3 – 5 years of age), because we know how much they learn from each other. The older ones gain confidence through mastery of skills and take delight in demonstrating those skills for the little ones, they also develop their sensitivity by being around younger children. The younger ones are encouraged by seeing the older ones achieve, they are motivated and develop more quickly and securely in this ‘family style’ age grouping. Also, children learn at their own pace, and no two children will hit the same set of developmental stages at exactly the same point. By having the wider age grouping, this means that all students, with all kinds of needs, can be comfortably accommodated. The activities are carefully planned and  layered, so even when doing the same activity the older children will be learning something different from the younger children. It’s quite an amazing process!

There is a maximum of 10 enrolled students per class. We prefer to keep the classes small and calm so your child can learn best.


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Ethan loved music classes with Sophie. She incorporates song, movement & sensory activities as well as her beautiful viola playing & singing voice perfectly into the sessions. After just a few weeks Ethan started making more eye contact, audio tracking & babbling with lots of differentiated sounds. Not only did he enjoy it but it was a great support for me as a new mum! The emotional support & the opportunity to get out of the house into a stress free, relaxing environment was invaluable. Thank you Sophie!”

Steph & Ethan

“My daughter Lily loves going on her Musical Adventure every week. While hesitant to take her turn at first, she has quickly become comfortable with the lovely Sophie and now eagerly awaits her turn up at the xylophone, glockenspiel or any of the other wonderful instruments ready for little hands to play. Singing, dancing, stomping, walking in time, keeping the beat – there is so much amazing learning going on. Sophie had everyone spellbound when she played her violin for us this week – what a treat. I highly recommend Musical Adventures for tots of all ages.”

Katie & Lily

“I have searched tirelessly for a music class that would meet our needs. We have attended many classes at varying venues that were plain and boring. Music adventures was mentioned to us and I thought, `oh, another one’. However, we were delighted with the skill and talent from the educators, that we have re booked for another term.”

Kym & Willow

“We look forward to Musical Adventures every week. Franky loves the songs, rhymes and instruments. I’m constantly amazed at his progression and his ability to engage with the music and others. Musical Adventures has been an integral part of his cognitive development, as well as his motor and social skills. Sophie is an engaging and fun educator and we highly recommend the class for any little one.”

Eileen & Franky