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Musical play as a path to learning

At Musical Adventures we devote our time to helping parents and their children experience truly joyful musical moments. Based in Footscray, Melbourne, our popular group music classes are taught by highly experienced music professionals. Designed to help students tap into their individual artistry and spirit, classes also play a central role in your the overall learning and development of your child. With improved literacy and numeracy skills, your child will have the tools they need for future academic success.

Packed with singing, dancing, playing and clapping each class is fresh and special. We use only high quality instruments so students can be surrounded with a sensory environment filled with beautiful sounds and vibrations. Our professional teachers apply their extensive musical knowledge and skills, to create an intimate social environment which develops persistence, enthusiasm and a love for music – even in the very early years.

Small class sizes, big fun for all

We keep our class sizes small so your baby, toddler or preschooler can learn in a calm, nurturing and joyful environment. Together, we focus on using our voices and instruments to create beautiful sounds and master the beat, pitch and rhythm.

Qualified teachers, quality learning

Our classes are taught by qualified music teachers. Our lead teachers each have ten years’ experience and backgrounds as musicians and performers. Some classes may include a teacher in training who will assist the lead. However, even our teachers in training have extensive music backgrounds. This means every teacher will be able to demonstrate beautiful tone as the teachers guide your little one through their individual journey of discovery.

Always encouraging and celebratory

Our classes honour the process of learning. Step-by-step and age-by-age, our classes gently build upon their skills and every step is celebrated. By connecting through encouragement and joy we help your child explore their natural musical abilities.

Be a part of this journey

Join us on an adventure as melody and rhythm awakens and stimulates your child’s mind, keeps them entertained and helps them express and explore their basic human instinct for making music.

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Ethan loved music classes with Sophie. She incorporates song, movement & sensory activities as well as her beautiful viola playing & singing voice perfectly into the sessions. After just a few weeks Ethan started making more eye contact, audio tracking & babbling with lots of differentiated sounds. Not only did he enjoy it but it was a great support for me as a new mum! The emotional support & the opportunity to get out of the house into a stress free, relaxing environment was invaluable. Thank you Sophie!”

Steph & Ethan

“My daughter Lily loves going on her Musical Adventure every week. While hesitant to take her turn at first, she has quickly become comfortable with the lovely Sophie and now eagerly awaits her turn up at the xylophone, glockenspiel or any of the other wonderful instruments ready for little hands to play. Singing, dancing, stomping, walking in time, keeping the beat – there is so much amazing learning going on. Sophie had everyone spellbound when she played her violin for us this week – what a treat. I highly recommend Musical Adventures for tots of all ages.”

Katie & Lily

“I have searched tirelessly for a music class that would meet our needs. We have attended many classes at varying venues that were plain and boring. Music adventures was mentioned to us and I thought, `oh, another one’. However, we were delighted with the skill and talent from the educators, that we have re booked for another term.”

Kym & Willow

“We look forward to Musical Adventures every week. Franky loves the songs, rhymes and instruments. I’m constantly amazed at his progression and his ability to engage with the music and others. Musical Adventures has been an integral part of his cognitive development, as well as his motor and social skills. Sophie is an engaging and fun educator and we highly recommend the class for any little one.”

Eileen & Franky